Top 10 Eco, Smart and Bilateral City projects, China (Premium)

SmartEcoCity (SEC) presents you China’s Top 10 most promising Eco, Smart and Bilateral City projects. The Chinese five year plan points out that developing smart eco-cities – maximizing the conservation of energy, water, land and materials, reducing pollution, optimizing the transportation, protecting the environment, and improving building comfort, health and safety – is a critical

Tangshan Demand Response, China

Tangshan, in Hebei Province, is one of the cities selected by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) for a pilot program to test innovative mechanisms for saving electricity through real-time monitoring of electricity consumption in large, energy-intensive enterprises. Electricity consumption within the enterprises at the feeder level – where an electricity consumer receives electricity

Beijing Zhangbei Energy Storage, China

State Wind Solar Storage Transmission Demonstration Project (Zhangbei Project) is China’s biggest energy storage demonstration project, to investigate the integration of renewable (wind and solar) energy, and the effectiveness of energy storage. (Phase II under planning). The 216 MW Zhangbei National Energy Storage and Transmission Demonstration Project was put into operation in 2011 and includes