Chongqing Eco-City

In order to achieve a new round of growth, since 2018, Chongqing has implemented an innovation-driven development strategic action plan led by the intellectualization of big data. Complete industrial chain    Chongqing’s choice was clearly well thought out. Chongqing plays an important role in the integration of informatization and industrialization in China. It is one of

Taipei 101 Tall Green Building, Taiwan

Taipei 101, the tallest LEED Platinum certified “green” building in the world (501m) is impossible to miss in Taiwan. With 101 floors and five basement levels, the Taipei World Financial Center – or Taipei 101 for short – in Taiwan is the tallest building in Asia. The tower is designed to withstand typhoons and earthquakes.

Shenyang France-China Eco-District, China

Signature d’un accord de coopération pour la réalisation d’un éco-quartier franco-chinois de 10 km² à Shenyang, ville de 7 millions d’habitants située au Nord-Est de la Chine, en présence de Nicole Bricq, ministre du commerce extérieur, le 26 mars 2014 à l’Elysée. La ville de Shenyang est considérée par les autorités chinoises comme zone prioritaire