Hong-Kong Smartups, 2020

Hong Kong, ranked among Top10 in Asia by in IMD SmartCity Index 2019, has a household broadband penetration rate of 90%, mobile subscriber penetration rate of 240% and over 20,000 free Wi-Fi hotspots. Hence developing Hong Kong into a smart city was a logical next step as it has first class telecommunications network with broadband speeds and penetration rates among the highest in the world. Hong Kong Smart City vision 2030 is to embrace ICT. innovation and technology to build a Smart Hong Kong with a strong economy and high quality of living. Hong Kong is conducting more than 70 smart city initiatives covering Smart Travel, Smart Life, Smart Environment, Smart Government, Smart Economy and Smart Citizen.

The initiatives include digital personal identity (eID), smart lampposts, open government data, promotion of government public cloud services and establishment of new big data analytics platforms. The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge project is using 400 smart lampposts (light, 5G and Wi-Fi combined) as part of a trial phase to roll-out 5G on the bridge. Traffic detectors provide real-time traffic information, new on-street parking meters support multiple payment systems, trials of autonomous vehicles are ongoing and remote sensing devices monitor air pollution and cleanliness of public places.

HongKong Invest Hong Kong Smart City Consortium HKSTP – Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation SmartCity blueprint 2030 is to embrace ICT innovation and technology to build SmartHongKong with a strong economy and high qualityoflife. Already very digitalized free Wifi initiatives include smartlamppost (light 5G WiFi) eID COVID19 AI recognition with a vibrant startup ecosystem WHub

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Taipei Smartups, 2020

Taipei, heart of Asia, coined Smart Taipei for its well known strong ICT, Semiconductor and e-mobility sector. The public private partnership PPP model is helping the startup-MNC-Government collaborative Smart City ecosystem. Smart Taipei is a Citizen-Centric Smart City ranked #1 in the Global Open Data Index, while the other Asian countries in the Top 20  are Japan (#16) and Singapore (#17).

Taipei’s Smart City strategy focuses on Healthcare, Transport, Public Housing, Education and FinTech, all of which are consolidated by CyberSecurity. The goal is to turn Taipei into a “Living Lab” by facilitating innovation, drive cultural change and engage diverse PPP stakeholders. Taipei’s initiate is the “Government as a Platform” strategy. The city’s role is not to deliver everything but to become the enabler for the IoT and Smart City ecosystem. The ecosystem main players are here:

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Smart Taipei

Smart City is an important economically strategic blueprint for a country’s economic transformation and upgrade. Many countries started smart city development plans and became the vanguards; such as the smart grid in the US, and the intelligent energy management in Amsterdam. That is why the Department of Information Technology,Taipei City government established the “Taipei Smart