China PATH Smart City Initiative

PATH, the Chinese Smart City initiative launched at China Smart City International Expo 2018, will help 500 Chinese cities become smart cities. The leading forces behind the PATH smart city initiative are China’s top tech companies Ping An (P), Alibaba (A), Tencent (T) and Huawei (H).

The lighthouse is Ping An, one of the most important financial groups in China, which has an integrated smart city platform and provides solutions and strategies for smart cities . Over the past decade, the company has invested approximately $ 7.34 billion in technology research in the areas of smart cognition, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud technology, and facial recognition. Each technology partner offers its own core business to empower Chinese cities in global smart city development. Alibaba will add AliPay, its online and mobile payments platform, Tencent will provide communications links, and Huawei will manufacture new smartphones and associated hardware.

The technology leaders plan to bring PATH to all 500 Chinese cities that are already planning smart city developments. This development can make China the world’s largest testing ground for smart cities. Although the US and EU have been working on smart cities for nearly a decade, China’s approach is unique in its collaboration and is guided by the strengths of China’s top technology companies. One of the tests will be the use of 5G in Beijing and other cities by telecommunications operator China Unicom, which will provide 300 of the participating cities with an NB-IoT network. China is preparing to be at the forefront of 5G development, taking smart cities and IoT to the next level.

The 2018 #smartcity initiative #PATH are #China top technology firms #PingAn (P) #Alibaba (A) #Tencent (T) and #Huawei (H) ecosystem aimed at the 500 Chinese #smartcities development. Multi-city #Shenzhen #Beijing #Hangzhou and multi-vendor collaboration: Pingan #artificialintelligence #blockchain #cloud #facialrecognition, #AliPay #mobilepayments platform, Tencent #communication #connectivity, and Huawei #smartphones #hardware to implement the world’s largest Smart City testing.

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Hong-Kong Smartups, 2020

Hong Kong, ranked among Top10 in Asia by in IMD SmartCity Index 2019, has a household broadband penetration rate of 90%, mobile subscriber penetration rate of 240% and over 20,000 free Wi-Fi hotspots. Hence developing Hong Kong into a smart city was a logical next step as it has first class telecommunications network with broadband speeds and penetration rates among the highest in the world. Hong Kong Smart City vision 2030 is to embrace ICT. innovation and technology to build a Smart Hong Kong with a strong economy and high quality of living. Hong Kong is conducting more than 70 smart city initiatives covering Smart Travel, Smart Life, Smart Environment, Smart Government, Smart Economy and Smart Citizen.

The initiatives include digital personal identity (eID), smart lampposts, open government data, promotion of government public cloud services and establishment of new big data analytics platforms. The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge project is using 400 smart lampposts (light, 5G and Wi-Fi combined) as part of a trial phase to roll-out 5G on the bridge. Traffic detectors provide real-time traffic information, new on-street parking meters support multiple payment systems, trials of autonomous vehicles are ongoing and remote sensing devices monitor air pollution and cleanliness of public places.

HongKong Invest Hong Kong Smart City Consortium HKSTP – Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation SmartCity blueprint 2030 is to embrace ICT innovation and technology to build SmartHongKong with a strong economy and high qualityoflife. Already very digitalized free Wifi initiatives include smartlamppost (light 5G WiFi) eID COVID19 AI recognition with a vibrant startup ecosystem WHub

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Shenzhen Smart City

The city’s development has been accompanied by an equally staggering rise as a leading smart city in China. Shenzhen is now ahead of other cities surpassing the likes of Beijing and Shanghai in innovation, technical capabilities, and strategic execution, according to Deloitte’s Super Smart City report. Shenzhen’s reputation as a tech hub, while spectacular, is