Shenzhen Smart City

The city’s development has been accompanied by an equally staggering rise as a leading smart city in China. Shenzhen is now ahead of other cities surpassing the likes of Beijing and Shanghai in innovation, technical capabilities, and strategic execution, according to Deloitte’s Super Smart City report. Shenzhen’s reputation as a tech hub, while spectacular, is

Smart Taipei

Smart City is an important economically strategic blueprint for a country’s economic transformation and upgrade. Many countries started smart city development plans and became the vanguards; such as the smart grid in the US, and the intelligent energy management in Amsterdam. That is why the Department of Information Technology,Taipei City government established the “Taipei Smart City Project Management Office”, also known as the “PMO”, to implement and governance the development of smart city. Thereafter building an innovation matchmaking platform to combine industry and government resources to develop smart solutions that satisfy public demands.

The main appeal of the PMO is to promote public participation and public-private partnership in order to create new technologies, innovative applications, and data/information to solve citizens’ problems. Before executing PMO’s concepts, we fully understand the public expectations. Such suggestions are feedbacks and corrections that were accumulated from former smart city seminars. Taipei city government hopes to construct an eco-system so that the government, the industry, and citizens can share the prosperity from its development. In the future, the first task in the blueprint is to establish a matchmaking platform which allows citizens access necessary innovative technologies. It will gradually open up many fields allowing interested industry to do trials and make the city to be a “living lab.” Ultimately, we wish citizens can benefit from more intelligent services.


Chongqing Eco-City

In order to achieve a new round of growth, since 2018, Chongqing has implemented an innovation-driven development strategic action plan led by the intellectualization of big data. Complete industrial chain    Chongqing’s choice was clearly well thought out. Chongqing plays an important role in the integration of informatization and industrialization in China. It is one of