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Set the direction for Smart Eco-Cities. This is the opportunity to introduce your technology and use SEC to be efficient and find new opportunities.


Grow your company. SEC is making sure new opportunities in internet, building and cleantech will grow your company in Asia.


Keeping up with technology. Asia's sustainable urbanization with the internet, building and cleantech revolution spurs new technologies, platforms and standards impacting your business.


Networking with collaborators. Meet people who build Asia's Smart Eco-Cities, need internet, building and cleantech solutions and find ways to work together.


Don't be left behind because your competition is active. Competitors are already setting the direction for China's Eco-Cities with requirements that will become stantards.


Go Premium. You will get more insider information, please contact us for more information on the member+, associate and partner benefits.

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SEC offers the following services to companies active in the Smart City and Eco-City sector: Membership Level

Premium Membership

Premium members benefit from additional marketing support and better visibility in China & Asia. In order to guarantee every business can access the right services for its needs, SEC offers both exclusive partnership arrangements and a series of modular service level. With the purchase of a service level you achieve better visibility in all SEC publications and benefit from even better access to business opportunities in China & Asia. Better visibility, more project opportunities! Upgrade now >>

Partners have the most visible and influential role.

Partners strongly influence the direction of the emerging Smart Eco-Cities sector in China & Asia and join voices to shape smart eco-city decisions, policy and public opinion. SEC enhances the visibility of the Partner (company), its partners, suppliers and clients as a thought leader and effective partner for key city clients in China & Asia. SEC expands and leverages its eco-system of like-minded partners and potential clients. If you are interested in becoming a Partner, please contact us for more information on the benefits.

Offered service Level:
  • Partner  – Large Corporation
  • Associate  – Corporation&SME
  • Member+ – SME
  • Member (FREE) – Individual & Start-up