Our Mission

SmartEcoCity is an advisor and company accelerator East-West. We promote the move to Smart Eco-Cities and contribute to our Partners business success through advocacy and action.

  • Visibility, insight, market study campaigns: Coordinated, joined-voices initiatives to help organizations understand that Smart Cities or Eco-Cities represent a path to a better future. These campaigns include workshops, awards, events, publishing and research.
  • Financing and case studies: Guidance for Smart City project, SME, start-up financing models, some of which combine public, private  and development banks resources.
  • Networking events: Invitation-only events where executives can learn directly from some of the world’s top experts in the many disciplines to be Smart City, Eco-City ready.
  • Smart Eco-City Index (SECI): Inhouse high-level models and metrics against which cities measure their progress. Our Smart Eco-City Index (SECI) shows how a city is ranking according to specific metrics and on what a city should focus on first.

China Market Size = growth + urbanization + green + smart

  • According to Reuters and The Economist, China is raising the money for a 40 trillion yuan  ($6.4 trillion) urbanization program and will see its number of megalopolises grow from 3 in 2000 to 13 in 2020.
  • Xinhua published that banks and investors promised 440 billion yuan ($70.3 billion) for China’s smart city projects with MOHURD already selected over 300 pilots, 9 on-going as seen by  China Daily.
  • China is the world’s largest smart grid market, exceeding the USA in dollar investment and has more than twice as many smart meters installed as the USA according to Bloomberg.

Our Vision

Enabling Sustainable Urbanization across the pillars of Smart Eco-Cities in order to create green, healthy and liveable cities.

SEC Mission

Logo Talk: Sustainable urban initiatives through the “Three E’s” – Economic development, Environmental protection and social Equity.

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