Our Testimonials

Francois-Xavier RousselSEC supported our China EDF Open Innovation team and immediately knew what was important for the organization. SEC was great at aligning key stakeholders to achieve the first milestone of our cleantech and smart city objectives in China. SEC led the signature of our collaboration with an exceptional Chinese partner recognized for fostering creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. SEC effectively used their collaborative skills to also benefit ERDF and EDF Distributed Energy and Low Carbon business. SEC was good at recognizing the skills and personality traits of our local management team and the Chinese partner to most effectively position, organize, and motivate each party to sign this mutual win-win partnership. Using SEC’s services would be a tremendous asset for any company and has my highest recommendation.

Francois-Xavier Roussel
EDF, Vice-President Performance & Innovation

Laurent Schmitt SEC clearly described the strategy in a way that helped customers and other stakeholders see and feel the desired end result of the Alstom Smart City vision in China. SEC inspired trust and action by conveying Smart City opportunities in a way that energized the team, colleagues and partners to achieve results. In addition, SEC overcame cultural barriers and dealt constructively with challenging situations. On the operational side, SEC identified the critical tasks and resources within the Alstom & Bouygues Group necessary to achieve the desired objectives. SEC demonstrated and communicated passion for the Alstom organization by placing the highest priority on Alstom’s goals. SEC spontaneously and proactively participated and presented in Smart Grid/Cities conferences in China and shared their insights with Alstom. SEC helped beyond the work scope of responsibility and brought ideas to life to implement on criteria such as feasibility, impact and breadth of Smart Grid applications in China.

Laurent Schmitt
Alstom, Vice-President Smart Grid Solutions

Nicolas ChaudronSEC worked closely with our team to develop our SMEs Asia specific strategies and supports identifying partners. SEC handled stakeholder analysis, M&A due diligence and strategic projects by structuring business case logically, performing various analyses and providing recommendations with strategic insights based on market researches and competitor intelligence. We greatly valued SEC’s strategic thinking and planning to manage and deliver day-to-day project results in the context of long term priorities. SEC broad network allows them to interact professionally with a diverse group of all levels: from executives, managers to subject matter experts and develop constructive relationships.

Nicolas Chaudron
Idinvest, Partner