Oslo SmartUps, 2020

The vision for Smart Oslo is to make it a smarter, greener, more inclusive and creative city for all citizens – a smart city that innovates with the citizens’ interest and well-being at the core. Oslo is ranked as one of the top10 greenest cities of the world by Green Uptown Magazine and ranked 2019 1st Green Capital in Europe.

The public transportation; underground, tram and bus line systems are really efficient and modern. Oslo is also the e-car capital of the world, with most electric cars per capita, thanks to different incentives. The city uses ICT to curb energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions with smarter grids. By 2020, the city is aiming to reduce emissions by 50% by remaking its transportation grid; by 2030, it is aiming to be 95% climate neutral. Oslo also installed IoT sensors to help citizens with parking problem, established a network of smart street lighting, which  reduced energy consumption by nearly two-thirds. Smart Oslo together with SMEs and startup ecosystem are looking at banning private vehicles by the end of the decade. Our Top30 startups:

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Norway Oslo Oslo kommune SmartCity smarter greener inclusive for all citizen via opendata connectivity sustainabledevelopment and innovativetechnologies. All-time greentech focus, 2019 Europe GreenCapital winner, 95% carbonneutrality goal by 2030 and ClimateDashboard StartupLab ecosystem.

Congrats to our Top30 SmartUps: Kahoot! boost.ai Confirmit Cxense Questback Xeneta Huddly reMarkable Appear Otovo Kolonial.no No Isolation Ardoq CHOOOSE Greenbird Integration Technology Vivaldi Technologies Quantafuel Lexolve Unloc VIBBIO Memory Induct AS Imerso @fusetools TotalCtrl Spiff nLink mobile robotics @Empowerplastic Meshcrafts AS


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San Diego SmartUps, 2020

San Diego, City of San Diego Cleantech San Diego San Diego Gas & Electric University of California San Diego SCALE San Diego. are turning the city into a SmartCity. The 2050 vision rotates are healthy environment and communities, a vibrant economy, and innovative mobility and planning. It already has an IoT based streetlighting targeting zero traffic fatality and a resilient solar energy connected smart grid campus. Indeed, the University of California San Diego (UCSD) is known as one of the most “green” university in the US towards a carbon-neutral campus. UCSD was able to develop a pioneering micro grid in 2006 creating a sustainable campus disconnected from the regional power network and operating on “island mode” reducing the power bill by 50%. This cleantech driven city has a strong local startup ecosystem. Our Top30:

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Congrats to our #Top30 #SmartUpHuman Longevity, Inc. Brain Corp Mitek Systems Netradyne Acutus Medical, Inc. DiversyFund, Inc. PatientSafe Solutions eSUB Construction Software Cordial Housecall Pro Measurabl Shield AI Platform Science Tealium Seismic Genomatica ViaCyte Renovate America XYO SkySafe Loyyal Tensorcom Inc. INNOPHASE KnuEdge SlantRange, Inc. Nanome Inc. Kneron GreenBox POS(OTC:GRBX) GoSite CourseKey Sendlane


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Milan SmartUps, 2020

Smart City Milan, awarded 2019 Wellbeing City by NewCities, is considered a pioneering examples of  promoting a sharing economy.  Milan emphasises social innovation as a means of creating social and economic value from
its sharing initiatives, including shared use of spaces, creativity, transport, gardens and technology. A sharing advisory panel was established: city council departments for mobility, culture, sport, planning, and employment work together to identify and design social innovation activities. All dimensions of the sharing economy framework are in place in Milan. For example, technologically it is the most wired city in Europe, with Free-WiFi from over 600 access points. It has a growing emobility sector and offers electric vehicle sharing. Economically, the City Council promotes entrepreneurship and offers a co-working register and vouchers to incentivise the use of collaborative working spaces. Many underused spaces have been opened up for the startup ecosystem. Our Top30:

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Congrats to our Top30 SmartUps: Talent Garden MotorK Satispay Bending Spoons ProntoPro Artemest Empatica Prima Assicurazioni BOOM Image Studio Credimi MainStreaming Supermercato24 Italianway Spa Milkman Tannico UALA Tinaba Homepal.it Genenta Science Smartika Spa BRANDON GROUP Yolo – On Demand Insurance Epic SIM xFarm TeiaCare Neodata Group Biorfarm Next 14 Glass to Power SCLAK


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