Hong-Kong Energizing Kowloon East Eco District, China

Kowloon East (KE) is an area comprising the former Kai Tak Airport, Kwun Tong and Kowloon Bay Business Areas. This area witnessed the rapid growth of an important industrial base in the heyday of Hong Kong’s manufacturing industry, creating hundred of thousands of jobs and propelling Hong Kong’s prosperity. Following relocation of the Airport to

Changsha Fountain Valley Eco District, China

Changsha is the capital city of Hunan Province. Integrated to the dynamic conurbation of Changzhutan (with Zhuzhou and Xiangtan), it is located at the east of the province near the Xiang River.  The city is considered as one of the most developed in the country, the disposable income per inhabitant is the 2nd in central

Hangzhou West Lake Creative Eco district, China

Hangzhou, the capital city of Zhejiang province, was once regarded as the “Best Zhou (an ancient Chinese administrative unit) in southeast China”. As a pivotal city in the Yangtze River Delta, Hangzhou contributes towards the rapid growth of the economy. West Lake’s beautiful natural landscape has been an inspiration to creativity for centuries. Amid this