SIG 100% Renewable Energy powered City, Seujet Hydro Geneva

SIG Seujet Hydro Dam

Since 2014 SIG, the local Swiss utility, offers Vitale Green electricity: 100% green and 100% local renewable energy for Geneva. It is a 100% environmentally friendly composed of solar and hydro power, certified “naturemade” star, the most demanding Swiss label in terms of environmental protection. It is a 100% locally produced  with more than 600 solar installations in the city and the three Hydro dams of Seujet, Vessy, and  now Chancy-Pougny. The latter having obtained the certification “naturemade” star at end of 2014, thanks to major work renovations that meet strict environmental regulations, Geneva’s Vitale Green Electricity became 100% locally produced.

For each kWh purchased, a penny goes to a green electricity fund who finances measures to improve the environment in Geneva and up to 500K CHF is added to the SIG corporate fund to support technology innovation in renewable energy.

Today’s SIG Open Day at Seujet Hydro Dam show-cased a wide range of projects:

  • Guided tour of the Seujet Hyro dam
  • Solar cooking (chocolate fondue) and  tasting of local products
  • Associations and Start-ups in the fields of preservation of the environment and innovation in renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Awareness of the fauna and flora in the city and an electrical motor boat demonstration project

Source: SIG Vital Green Day