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Tsinghua University is an important source of Chinese pride as it competes for awards for research in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). In 2013-16, more of the 1% of the most cited papers in math and computer science and more of the 10% of the most cited papers in STEM were produced than any other university in the world. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is still the leader in the top 1% of STEM papers however Tsinghua is well on the way to being number one in five years or less. Tsinghua is the alma mater of many of the country’s leaders, including Xi Jinping and Hu Jintao. Tsinghua has a scientific inclination and has become the main beneficiary of the country’s boom in STEM research.

Tsinghua creams the best researchers and benefits from its size as PhD students are the workforce in the research business. In 2017, the university awarded 1,385 doctorates, compared to 645 by MIT. Tsinghua can’t compete with the best American packages, but it does offer 6-figure dollar salaries to returnee alumni like Qian Yingyi (Columbia, Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley and now dean of the Tsinghua School of Economics and Management) and Shi Yigong (dean of the Tsinghua School of Life Sciences; previously with Johns Hopkins and Princeton) who transformed the university. The speed at which their efforts have brought Tsinghua up the rankings is astounding. In 2006/09, the university took 66th place in the list of mathematics and computer research. Now it is number one in Asia with a global fostering innovation startup ecosystem.

Tsinghua University Rankings

  • #28 in Best Global Universities
  • #1 🏆 in Best Global Universities in Asia
  • #1 🏆 in Best Global Universities in China

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