Oslo SmartUps, 2020

Smart Oslo

Smart Oslo wants to be smarter, greener, together and more innovative. Oslo is ranked as one of the top10 greenest cities of the world by Green Uptown Magazine and ranked 2019 1st Green Capital in Europe. Oslo is also the e-mobility capital of the world, with most electric cars per capita. By 2030, the city is aiming to reduce transportation emissions by 50% and be 95% climate neutral. Oslo has a vibrant innovative SME and startup ecosystem, see our selection of Top30 startups below.

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Norway Oslo Oslo kommune SmartCity smarter greener inclusive for all citizen via opendata connectivity sustainabledevelopment and innovativetechnologies. All-time greentech focus, 2019 Europe GreenCapital winner, 95% carbonneutrality goal by 2030 and ClimateDashboard StartupLab ecosystem.

Congrats to our Top30 SmartUps: Kahoot! boost.ai Confirmit Cxense Questback Xeneta Huddly reMarkable Appear Otovo Kolonial.no No Isolation Ardoq CHOOOSE Greenbird Integration Technology Vivaldi Technologies Quantafuel Lexolve Unloc VIBBIO Memory Induct AS Imerso @fusetools TotalCtrl Spiff nLink mobile robotics @Empowerplastic Meshcrafts AS


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