Beijing Parkview Green, China

Beijing Parkview Green is one of China’s largest sustainable architecture projects. This hotel, shopping and commercial hub was designed with energy efficiency as its goal, setting the standard for a completely new approach to architecture in the region. Not only is it the first structure in Beijing designed to be environmentally sustainable, but it is

Beijing BMW Green Showroom, China 

The BMW 26,000m2 showroom is the largest automobile dealership in China. BMW opened its first all-new 5S dealership in China near the East Fifth Ring Road in Beijing, a modern facility with advanced, environmentally friendly building materials and technology that help conserve energy and resources. The building has wind turbines and solar panels to supply

Beijing UK-China Green Building Park, China

Working with the world’s largest developer Vanke, BRE are creating the masterplan for a 450,000 m2 site in Beijing called the ‘Green Building Park’. The development will incorporate an Innovation Park featuring the Best of British design, materials, construction products and technologies for sustainable homes. Vanke will also showcase a range of their own demonstration