Our Management Team

Our global team has complementary industry expertise in green building, renewable energy, smart services, e-mobility, water, healthcare and recycling. We have financing expertise in VC/PE, loan, credit and leasing with complementary geographical coverage: China, Asia, North America, Europe and UAE. SmartEcoCity (SEC) has a global reach.

Christine Wang


Christine WANG 王怡翔
Managing Partner, Geneva & Taipei

Christine has many years of experience in the renewable energy field as Asia market entry strategy and strategic alliance expert. She oversaw Goldwind wind farm projects investment evaluation, projects development management in Asia. Representing the wind blade company Red Blade, she achieved cooperation and contracts with Chinese SOE utilities/developers/turbine companies and a Korean turbine manufacture. She also developed annual IR plan, strategic analyst’s relations campaigns, and quarterly investor conferences for start-ups with road shows in Europe and US.  Until recently, she was the Asia head of danish MAKE Consulting, the leader in renewable energy reasearch and advisory. She is Taiwanese, graduated from NYU and speaks fluently English and Spanish. Interests: renewable energy, smart grid, energy storage and anchoring.

James Wemyss

James WEMYSS 温世杰
Partner, Chongqing & San Diego,CA

James has been working in the political, financial and investment sector for more than a decade. He is currently managing the financing unit Stone Tan Financial of the Pacific Millennium Group providing capital loans, bank guarantees and financial leasing to SMEs in China. Previously at the Investment unit, he invested in China’s environment and water sector, corresponding for Global Water Intelligence and running the Shanghai Wokai chapter. Prior to coming to China, James worked in Capitol Hill for United States Senate‘s East Asian and Pacific Affairs office. He has an IMBA from Tsinghua University and MIT Sloan and a master degree from Georgetown University. He is American and speaks fluent Spanish and Chinese. Interests: financing, policies, social media, water and packaging.


Chairman, Dubai & Beijing

World Economic Forum, United Nations and Paris agreement geopolitical expert, company board member and nations advisor. Mr. SEC is working to develop a financing for development framework to ensure that both the sustainable development agenda and climate action are properly met. He is promoting sustainable development and smart city projects in cities around the world, supporting cities in transition and developing countries to develop smarter and more sustainable urban solutions and establishing a multi-stakeholder platform to develop PPP financing mechanisms. Interests: sustainable development, climate change, investments, financing and cities.