Our Services

As advisor SEC enables organizations, smart-ups and SMEs to find investors, employees, partners, suppliers and customers. SmartEcoCity cooperates with cities, partners, sponsors, advisors, speakers and members with whom we share the same mindset. Our current Partners and Associates include world’s leading technology companies, leading universities, research institutes, national laboratories, development banks, advocacy groups and standards organizations.

What we do


Build on your business intelligence advantage by reading our insights about city, technology, innovation, and market disruption. SEC platform.


Specific market opportunities exists. Our premium reports help you navigate disruptive market shifts and leverage innovative new technologies.


Let our team advise you on how to leverage potentially disruptive new technologies to transform your business. The right business partner.


Investments for innovative projects and companies. We open our address book to put you face to face with decision makers.


Let our business technology workshops help bridge knowledge gaps in your organization and make it more competitive and agile.

GuanXi network

Get the most out of our ecosystem of contacts, news, information and insights by joining our community. We organize networking events.

Why choose us


We combine over 50 yeas of experience covering financing, internet, cleantech, renewable energy, green building, e-mobility, water, health and recycling.


We work for global leading industrial, financing and consulting companies. In addition, we attended the top engineering and business schools leveraging our network.


We are pragmatic and understand the entrpreneurship world as we have worked, invested or partnered with SMEs and Start-ups.