The right business partner in the Chinese sustainable urbanization market is crucial. SEC provides the smart eco-city industries entering the Chinese market with a reliable, high-quality alternative to in-house business functions of strategic business development, marketing and product channel growth.

Once you have decided to come to Asia, or more precisely, to China to launch your business, you need to consider a wide range of needs, including everything from your company’s legal registration to the staff you will hire. This is a big step, and needs to be carried out in a well-organized manner. Decisions made today will have important impact on your business tomorrow and in a dynamic environment such as Asia, the effects – both good and bad – are sure to be amplified. SEC, with its longstanding practical experience in China, provides your business valuable, in-the-know solutions that enable you to make a smooth, cost effective transition to China & Asia.

SEC brings to the table invaluable local market knowledge, know-how and operating expertise within China. This provides clients with a low-risk/high-gain market entry into China and Asia. SEC provides:

  •  Lobbying: Establish long term relations with the main holdings and the investors of eco-districts (SOE, Private, PE). Lobby the procurement departments of the Engineering companies and the Research and Design Institutes – in particular MOHURD, MIIT, NDRC and SGCC-CSG .
  • Sales representation: Assist clients to sell their technology to Chinese firms and cities, and amplify sales action during the bidding and negotiation processes.
  • Sourcing: Groundwork for negotiating long term contracts with Chinese manufacturers to source Chinnovation for our clients worldwide.
  • Partnership: Eco-district combining residential, business and light industrial parks provide our clients with the ideal platform for localizing innovative products.

To guarantee continuously rewarding results, a professional management team with comprehensive knowledge of the China/Asia business landscape is essential. At various steps, SEC is able to assist you in building and maintaining a strong management team, either by providing you external advice or with internal hands-on support that fosters your operational management. In hiring skilled managers, coaching people in key positions or taking care of the decision making process within the board of directors, sim remains at your side. We will provide your company with a wealth of support, always keeping in mind your goals and the particularities of doing business in China/Asia bound to European standards.

So do not wait, Contact SEC! and find out more about Our Services!

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Implementation was last modified: May 13th, 2015 by SEC Team