Actility sees that, in order to design and market “connected appliances” , two core competencies are required: traditional electronics and firmware development technologies which existing appliance manufacturers know well, and software application design and hosting, which requires know-how from the IT and telecom.

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Catalysair has an energy efficiency solution for above 50MW thermo power plants (pulverized coal and heavy fuel). The solution is a gas injected in the primary air input of the furnace during the combustion.

Thanks to the gas, less heavy fuel is.

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Idinvest Partners

idinvest partners a leading VC/PE, former subsidiary of Allianz, created in 1997 and independent private equity manager (44 people) since 2010. Idinvest has €4bn assets under management. Investment strategy focused on worldwide best in class companies. A clearly defined investment strategy on selecting.

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