Prudent Energy

Prudent is delivering the most advanced flow battery systems world-wide. Prudent Energy is the designer, manufacturer, and integrator of the patented Vanadium Redox Battery (VRB®) Energy Storage System, a long-life, environmentally friendly "flow battery" system. With a growing number of megawatt-scale VRB-ESS® projects.

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Forsee Power is a leader in the market for batteries, specializing in integration which entails designing, developing and assembling battery systems. Forsee Power Solutions operates in a fast-growth market currently undergoing transformation: solutions for power storage needs driven by the development of renewable.

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Seatower has a new type of foundation for offshore wind. The foundations are designed to be installed by buoyancy and low-cost towing vessels, eliminating the need for expensive and weather sensitive installation vessels. The foundations are optimized for the entire logistics of offshore.

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