Younicos is the system integrator that designs, builds, delivers and operates megawatt-scale renewable energy systems which can outcompete fossil based systems even today. Founded in 2008, the diverse team comprises solar entrepreneurs, battery and electrical experts, software and project engineers as well as financial professionals.

In liberalised power control markets, Younicos turn-key battery power plants, with a 20-year performance guarantee, provide system services cheaper, faster and more accurately than conventional thermal generators. The large must-run capacities of coal or other fossil plants are no longer needed and can be replaced with increased renewable generation.

Using existing infrastructure, their up-to-100-percent autonomous renewable energy systems break the technical dependence on diesel or other fossil generators. On islands and in remote communities the resulting savings are shared between existing stakeholders and outside investors. In off- or weak-grid areas, industrial users benefit from cheaper and more reliable power.

A unique technology combining advanced power controls and software, Younicos can turn off conventional generators with:

  • Intelligent Inverters enable batteries to provide ancillary services (e.g. voltage and frequency control, reserve power, load balancing, grid-forming, short circuit capability)
  • Energy Management System uses load, wind and irradiation forecasts to maximize system security and optimize storage, generation (sun, wind and diesel) and dispatchable loads
  • Battery Power Plant Management

Focusing on lifetime, industrial availability and life cycle economics, the Younicos team has identified the storage technologies best suited to renewable energy applications, as well as their respective best suppliers.


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