Veolia has a long history of serving the needs of local authorities: for the past 160 years, Veolia has been creating new environmental services and offering solutions tailored to each situation. Veolia has tangible, innovative solutions that promote the balanced development and transformation of cities, covering everything from water, waste, energy and mobility to information, integration, training and new services for citizens.

Veolia Water designs, builds and operates an unparalleled range of processes to recycle wastewater after treatment, including submerged-membrane bioreactors and membrane technologies such as micro-/ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis. Using these innovative techniques in line with local requirements can produce water that offers a level of quality adapted to irrigation, manufacturing and household needs (watering, flush systems, etc.).

The Organica treatment process provided by Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies subsidiary MSE is based on the principle of a natural ecosystem. Plants chosen for their long root systems are grown in greenhouses, above aeration tanks. Their water-bathed roots provide the foundation for an ecosystem that attracts living organisms such as bacteria, single-cell organisms, snails, shellfish and fish, which break down organic impurities.

Among the many ways of producing clean energy that it has been exploring, Veolia Water has developed a solution able to capture the energy potential of wastewater without modifying the wastewater collection system. The innovation lies in channeling part of the water through a heat exchanger, which transfers the energy contained in the water to a heat transfer fluid. The calories recovered are transported to a reversible heat pump, which restores the energy by producing water at the right temperature to supply the heating or cooling network.

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