VanDyne SuperTurbo

Natural Gas apps are on the rise, and the need for improving engine performance and efficiency is limiting the market opportunity. This surge of natural gas availability is limited by the number of engines that use the fuel. The VanDyne SuperTurbo is the solution. A SuperTurbo integrates a turbocharger with a CVT transmission. That combination delivers three functions, supercharging, turbocharging and turbocompounding (turning waste heat into power). The SuperTurbo can increase the low end torque and efficiency of all Natural Gas engines.

VanDyne SuperTurbo Benefits:

  • 10 – 15% increase in efficiency
  • Allows for a 20 – 30% reduction in engine displacement
  • 1 second or less of turbo lag
  • Improves GenSet load acceptance rating
  • Matches the low end torque of a diesel engine

VanDyne SuperTurbo 是全球领先的超级涡轮增压器供应商。 超级涡轮增压器是集机械增器、涡轮增压器、以及增压复合器为一体的一个装置,且单个超级涡轮增压器的价格低于任何两个其他增压器的总价。超级涡轮增压器是集合机械增压器和涡轮增压器两者在一个单一组件上可供批量生产的传输器装置。 这两者的组合产生了第三种功能,我们称之为涡轮复合作用,该作用可以增加发动机提取额外余热的效率。这种传动装置有效消除了涡轮迟滞情况,并且此涡轮能量也使该产品成为世界上效能最高的机械增压器。

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