Sunfire is a efficient energy conversion technology leader, which develops and promotes the use of regenerative energies. The Sunfire product has several advantages over competing technologies, such as the high electrical efficiency, the low cost potential and the long maintenance intervals. Other advantages are the compatibility with conventional fuels and the low level of noise. The Sunfire product does not need water.

Sunfire’s products include:

  • Systems for the production of renewable synthetic fuels (e.g. methane gas, diesel, kerosene, gasoline, waxes) using regenerative electricity (Power-to-Gas & Power-to-Liquids)
  • High-temperature solid oxide fuels cells (SOFCs) for the generation of electricity and heat using a wide variety of liquid and gaseous fuels (Gas-to-Power)

Flexibility, competence and reliability all characterize Sunfire’s work on behalf of its clients. Sunfire technology is the result of interaction between its Stacks, Systems and Fuel divisions, each of which also boasts its own market potential. The Business Development division represents the bridge between Sunfire’s clients and those divisions.

Three market segments can be identified where the Sunfire SOFC technology can provide a significant customer benefit. Possible applications are single homes, larger buildings (i.e. hospitals, cooporations, municipal buildings) and remote areas (i.e. telecommunication stations, gas pipelines).


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