Meteodyn is a global CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) company specialized in wind computation and renewable energies studies. Meteodyn has developed wind and solar simulation software in the energy industry which allows for example wind resource assessment, site suitability analysis, energy optimization, wind turbine location and production forecast.  Meteodyn also has solution in:

  • Urban design / Green building: computation of on-site wind conditions to study pedestrian outdoor comfort and to optimize natural ventilation in buildings, solar and wind resources use in architectural design.
  • Construction: wind pressure computation for high buildings and infrastructure wind design, extreme wind analysis.
  •  Transport wind safety: extreme wind and cross wind analysis to ensure safety of high speed railway lines, roadways, cargo ships and ports infrastructures.

Meteodyn has developed UrbaWind and UrbaSun, a micro-climate modeling software for urban areas applicable to eco-city projects:

  • Pedestrian comfort and safety: wind and sun exposure maps to identify uncomfortable areas (safety protection, urban design options)
  • Renewable energies efficiency: wind and solar resource assessment, passive architecture, small wind project study.
  • Natural air ventilation inside buildings: inflows and outflows computation. Optimal size and location of openings study.
  • Wind safety of urban public transports (along lines and platforms layout) and dockyards (wind analysis on operating cranes).

Examples of Urban Designs:

  • Micro climatology and assessment of the pedestrian wind comfort on the Seguin Island (Paris, France)
  • Pedestrian wind comfort on the terraces of the block B3A (Paris, France)
  • Pedestrian wind comfort and natural ventilation assessment of a Secondary School (Dumbéa sur Mer, New Caledonia)
  • Micro climatology and assessment of the pedestrian wind comfort Portes de l’Europe (Luxembourg)

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