m2ocity offers a global smart metering solution using water and energy sensors and meters leveraging Veolia’s water and Orange’s telecom  complementary expertise. m2ocity operates a network of interoperable remote reading consisting of telecommunications infrastructure ” Machine to Machine ”  to connect water meters , gas or other types of energy autonomous sensors and communicating by radio.  m2ocity provides remote reading service open to all interested parties on the territories covered to treat confidentially and security all consumption data and alerts issued by the communicating devices.

In France, m2ocity processes daily 15 million meters from radio and communicating sensors frames  in the service of remote reading via 600,000 water meters and other smart sensors connected in the network .

Daily water and energy consumption monitoring benefits:

  • Simplify meter reading operations thanks to an easy-to-use technology, which can collect multiple kinds of data, is permanently accessible and does not require the user’s presence
  • Control expenditure and benefit for optimized billing
  • Improve end-user satisfaction thanks to more reliable meter reading and additional services
  • Conserve living conditions by reducing visible equipment

More info:www.m2ocity.com

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