Ijenko is a complete Home Energy Management platform helping Utilities, Internet Service Providers, Specialised Retailers, Real Estate groups and System Integrators to deploy and operate wide-scale, cost-effective energy management and home automation services in the residential market. Bouygues Telecom was the first French ISP to launch an integrated Energy Efficiency, Home Comfort and Protection service. It is based on the Ijenko HEM Solution.

The ADEME project is a pilot project on the behavioural adoption of Energy Efficiency services and Demand Response programs over 1,000 homes in France. Starting in late 2011 for 18 months, it is developed in cooperation with 3 Utilities, Direct Energie – leading French gas and electricity supplier, EBM and GES – two innovative regional DSOs and energy suppliers, and the Gretech – a leading Sociology lab of the Paris V Descartes Sorbonne University.

Ijenko Engage is an open scalable HEMS platform that allows services providers to develop and operate energy management applications for residential customers through open APIs for electricity, gas and water. Ijenko Engage incorporates advanced features such as residential demand response management, customer base profiling and benchmarking or consumption analytics and forecasting. Ijenko Engage operates over any standard, open Home Area Network (HAN) infrastructure. It gives service providers the capability to roll out energy management and home automation services from a single platform while using one or more open HAN protocols starting with Zigbee, Wireless M-Bus, EnOcean, and tomorrow KNX, and others. Ijenko Engage is available, including open APIs and multi-protocol HAN infrastructure, along with existing white label HEMS services and multi channel user interfaces that already allow utilities, telcos, specialized retailers, real estate groups and energy management systems integrators to kick-start or pilot residential energy efficiency and demand management services.

More info: www.ijenko.com

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