Hemera is an innovative water/air company that develops, manufactures and markets continuous water and air analyzers. This to answer to a continued strong demand for control and following-up of polluants. Thanks to quality products that are as reliable as easy-to-use, we act for environnemental respect. This is possible thanks to the mastery of recognised methods such as spectrophotometry (UV, visible and IR).

Our company offer different solutions that require a minimum of maintenance and a limited interference risk. The main used methods are the absorption, the fluorescence, the colorimetry and the nephelometry. In addition to this, we provide the most suitable solution for the sampling system in order to offer the most reliable solution.

Water is mainly use for agricultural, industrial and domestic purpose. This resource is limited. Of all the water on earth, only 0,4% is fresh water. The growth of human activity increases the water demand and therefore it’s important to preserve the water resources. The analysis of water help to identify the cause and the source of the pollution. In wastewaters or plants irrigation, analyses are necessary to monitoring the effectiveness of the treatment processes in order to meet the regulation.

More info: www.hemera-innovation.com

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