Embix is a eco-district solution which provides city-level energy management and piloting based on the latest Smart Grid technology. Embix offers a wide range of services with high added value, ranging from audits for eco-districts taking account of new environmental and regulatory requirements to optimization of energy performance through the use of information systems featuring the latest advances in Smart Grid technologies.

Urban Power covers all issues of management and optimization of energy flows:

  • Consumption control
  • Managing the balance between needs, production and storage
  • Financial optimization of energy supply based on market conditions
  • Valuation of clearing capacity through demand management
  • Reducing the environmental footprint
  • Internal and external reporting and communication
  • Taking account of future developments and new uses energy (electric vehicle …)

Born from the association of Alstom and Bouygues, Embix has the skills and expertise of its founders:

  • Alstom Grid: Alstom Grid ranks among the three largest companies in the electricity transmission sector. At the heart of the development of Smart Grid, Alstom Grid offers products, services and integrated solutions for energy management across the entire value chain of energy.
  • Alstom Power: Alstom Power is a global leader in power generation with a portfolio of products covering all fuel types. Nearly a quarter of the global production capacity of energy depends on Alstom technology or services. In 2011, Alstom Power was reorganized into two business segments highlighting the two main types of energies that are the core expertise of Alstom: Alstom Renewables and Alstom Thermal.
  • Bouygues Immobilier: Leading promoter in sustainable real-estate. Bouygues Immobilier has demonstrated its ability to anticipate energy building regulations by initiating the first large positive energy office building, Green Office ® in 2007. He is the recognized know-how leader in the development of new neighborhoods foreshadowing the city of tomorrow.
  • ETDE: Through its subsidiary Facility Management Exprimm, ETDE brings its expertise in building  energy performance management and control systems.

More info: www.embix.fr

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