Crystalsol develops an entirely new type of flexible photovoltaic film with a significant versatility and cost advantage compared to all currently known photovoltaic technologies. The core innovations are the light absorbing layer made of crystalline semiconductor powder and the low-cost roll-to-roll production process.

The innovative light absorbing active layer of the film is made of cr ystalline semiconductor powder with a typical size of about 40 m arranged as a single layer fixed by a polymer film. The applied powder is made of the abundant materials copper, zinc, tin, sulphur and selenium (CZTS), avoiding the use of rare and expensive materials such as indium or tellurium. Similar to cr ystalline silicon photovoltaic technology, the powder is produced separately and enters the film production as completed contactless solar cell. The film production process is based on rollto- roll technology ensuring high throughput and yield similar to the printing industry. The cheap production leads to cost reduction of 30-50% compared to current industry average.


  • New type of unsealed photovoltaic film for end product integration
  • Flexible, lightweight polymer encapsulation
  • Versatile applications in building integration and consumer products
  • Abundant, non-toxic materials copper, zinc, tin, sulphur and selenium layer
  • Low cost because of continuous, high throughput roll-to-roll production process
  • Long-term stability due to single crystalline semiconductor structure


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