CORYS T.E.S.S. is a world leading company for power simulator (nuclear, thermal, hydraulic, networks) devoted to training or engineering. Large power consumers such as industrial plants, ports or cities have a growing need in establishing an optimized and a well thought energy strategy taking into account their operational and environmental constraints and the available technical and commercial energy supply options. While simple optimization can often be done by considering independently different aspects of the system or simple system representations, more sophisticated strategies call for an integrated analysis that considers in a realistic way the dynamics and the controls of the energy demand & supply in all situations and operational scenarios. Simulation based on realistic modeling of the system is a good candidate to analyze, optimize and validate different strategies.

CORYS is a simulation specialist proposing high fidelity models to the power industry for training and engineering purposes. Responding to the growing demand in optimized energy management, CORYS proposes to apply its expertise to power system modeling which accurate simulation models for:

  • hydraulic and thermal systems such as heat networks
  • electrical distribution systems and electrical grid
  • plant control and plant activity
  • power consumers and power production
  • environment conditions (time of the day, season, weather conditions)
  • pollutant emissions of energy producers and consumers

Example: Port Energy Chain Optimization Simulator

  • Power consumption model for:fuel consumption, electricity consumption, per zone and type of activity
  • Emission models:CO2, Nox, Sox, particles, per zone and type of activity
  • Economic model: energy prices and carbon tax
  • Activity model: ton of bulk treated, container treated andper zone and type of activity

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