Catalysair has an energy efficiency solution for above 50MW thermo power plants (pulverized coal and heavy fuel). The solution is a gas injected in the primary air input of the furnace during the combustion.

Thanks to the gas, less heavy fuel is consumed therefore reducing the cost of running the power plant. For example the price of heavy fuel in a given country could be: Quality type TT (SOx Level 0.5) = xxx euro/Ton, quality T(Level 1) = xx euro/Ton and quality B (Level 1.5) = x euro/Ton. The European commission is imposing strict SOx-NOx emission standards therefore the solution for example would allow using lower quality T priced fuel while respecting the quality TT standard.

Usually the process starts with a test trial fee for a few days. The SOx-NOx output is measured inside the chimney column with the probe of a measuring device. The whole solution takes one week to be installed.

Cost advantage: The competitors have a desulfurized bicarbonate or flue gas desulfurization (FGD) “scrubber” solution which uses 7-10 times more product and an installation cost of a few million euros.

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