BlueNRGY’s mission is to be the world’s leading solutions provider of remote monitoring that allows owners and operators of solar, wind and biogas power plants to be more efficient,sustainable and in control, which results in avoiding costly surprises, inefficiency and unnecessary risk. Making technology simpler and easier for our customers to use is central to the products that we develop and to the services we provide. By integrating our remote monitoring solution with our customer’s specific needs, we deliver a reliable and trustworthy resource to strengthen and support our customer’s goals.

BlueNRGY Remote Monitoring Solution delivers a reliable and versatile web-based software solution that makes complex remote data and site management effortless, allowing owners and operators to have complete visibility into their entire renewable energy portfolio.

BlueNRGY’s provides a proprietary and patent-pending monitoring solution that:

  • Is capable of connecting to and monitoring any SCADA data from any power plant type and its accompanied hardware, regardless of manufacturer.
  •  Provides real-time and historical power plant data from one complete system, enabling customers to maximize energy efficiency potential.
  • Provides an intuitive patent-pending design with a superior customer experience.
  • Increases service levels and efficiencies of users through automated alerts and an integrated trouble-ticket platform that speeds the time to detect system faults.
  • Is highly scalable with potential for entry into new markets such as Oil & Gas.

BlueNRGY is an established software company with:

  • Proven expertise in remote monitoring, telecommunications and introducing technology products internationally.
  • Proven managerial track record in maximizing asset revenue streams with innovative applications and invoicing a revenue sharing scheme.
  • Executives experienced in integrating companies and managing growth.
  • Strong relationships in the utility and renewable energy sector.
  • A pipeline of 1,191MW of Administration & Monitoring contracts to be secured in 2013.
  • Transaction Services team experienced in the due diligence and technical review of over 750MW of wind and solar power plants representing more than €2.5 billion of asset value.


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