China city challenges

  • Supplying an optimal energy mix
    The China proportion of renewable energy in energy consumption will significantly increase. By 2015, the annual renewable energy consumption will reach 478.
  • Developing green buildings-industries
    China accounts for almost 42% of all building worldwide: two billion square meters of new buildings are being constructed annually with.
  • Developing an efficient transportation
    China will invest more than 100billion RMB in the next 10 years into the production of electric-vehicles. China will therefore become.
  • Treating and valorizing the waste
    China is now the destination for 70 percent of the computers, televisions, cell-phones, and other waste recycled globally each year. Roads.
  • Developing a water life-cycle
    China has limited renewable water resources; 11 provinces are already water scarce (<1,000m3 per capita per year) and climate change exacerbates.
  • Preserving health, air and biodiversity
    For centuries, China has been the most populous nation on Earth. Today, its population’s impact on the environment is evident even.